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Participant Testimonials

“Dal was a wonderful instructor. Her delivery of the information was excellent, and easy to understand. She has a very likeable personality which made the 5 hrs go very quickly. She was engaging with all participants. I will be referring my colleagues to Dal.”

QLD, Australia

Dal was welcoming and friendly which set the tone for the day. She is very engaging, knowledgeable and very respectful. She checked in with us, regarding our own mental status, throughout the training. The training was well-paced and enabled all of us to contribute and be involved in practical activities.”

Melbourne, Australia

Dal was fantastic and gave me useful practical advice and tips personalised to my workplace scenarios

NSW, Australia

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What is Meditation?
Dal Sahota 10-10-2016

Meditation has swept across the globe at a rapid rate over the past 10 years. It is fast becoming part of many peoples lives not only in meditation centers but also in workplaces, schools and prisons to name a few.

A Beginners Guide To Essential Oils
Dal Sahota 09-09-2017

Essential oils consist of aromatic, oxygenated particles full of minerals. They come from plants including the plant root, flowers, resin, stems, barks or leaves.

A Beginners Guide to the 7 Chakras
Dal Sahota 08-08-2020

We are more than just a physical body. Like all living things, we are made up of energy. You may have heard about chakras and are wondering exactly what they are. In this article I am going to give you a brief overview on them.

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