Carrot Juice and Yoghurt Mask

Carrot Juice and Yoghurt Mask - Dal Sahota

Carrots contain vitamins A and K which acts as powerful antioxidants on the skin. The presence of antioxidants help the skin by reducing the production of free radicals, which can cause damage and premature ageing. Yoghurt has a balancing effect on the PH of and honey is moistening, which brightens tired and dull looking skin. All the ingredients in this mask make an brilliant treatment to improve elasticity.



1 Large carrot or 1 tablespoon of carrot juice

2 Tablespoons of live organic yoghurt

1 Tablespoon of almond oil

1 Tablespoon of organic honey


Rosewater hydrolat



The carrot can either be used grated (2 tablespoons) or juiced (1 tablespoon). Mix the grated carrot or carrot juice with the yoghurt, stirring in the honey and almond oil.



Apply all over the face and neck evenly and leave for 20 minutes. After 20 minutes, remove with water and pat dry gently. Complete your facial treatment by applying some rosewater to cotton pads and press in to the skin. Leave to dry naturally and finish by applying your desired facial moisturiser.


Note: If you find that you still need more nourishment after using this treatment for the first time, use wheatgerm oil instead of the almond oil as that has an even more nourishing effect.


Effect – balances skins PH and nourishes

Suitable for – all skin types but especially ageing, dry or damaged skin

Usage – once a week

Shelf life – 6 hours in the refrigirator

Preparation time – 5 minutes

Treatment time – 20 minutes

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